Queensland Technologies Limited (QTec) based in Kisumu, Kenya, provides access to Australian expertise, equipment, and services for the cane sugar industry, particularly in East Africa.





QTec has an experienced and diverse group of consultants who cover all sectors associated with growing and processing sugar cane, including harvesting, transport, processing, refining, ethanol production, and co-generation.

QTec prides itself on its ability to work closely with you, the client, to provide site specific and/or innovative solutions and reliable, customised services and products.

QTec, in conjunction with their affiliates and consultants offer internationally recognised specialised sugar industry services, products, equipment and manufacturing.


The first lesson learnt in the Queensland sugar industry was how to produce low cost, quality sugar as 80% of production is exported and sold at the world price with no Government support.

In free trade agreements with Australia sugar is the one commodity that is always excluded as other countries now they cannot complete.


QTec’s mission is to assist the East African sugar industry become efficient producers of sugar by providing access to expertise and technology from the Australian sugar industry, based in the state of Queensland.